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Software updates and skin changes


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At the moment, and this is from my point of view as someone not into grafkicks & skinning, every main release causes havoc to my site look'n'feel because the templates change. Now I am aware that there are some tools to assist updating the various templates by doing compares. But, they do not seem to be very accurate, when the last release came along I tried to use the tools to work out what needed updating but generally all I did was cook my templates into junk. The difference engine as getting confused by extra whitespaces (ie blanks, tabs, new lines).

So first request is to make the difference generator a bit smarter, because when a template is changed some of the existing code gets whitespace munged when downloading/uploading (especially if your server is linux and your desktop is windoze every trip involves cr cr/lf swapping).

The second and more important one for me is rather than trying to do the edits in ajax which on a satellite link is agony, what I would like to be able to do is this... You do the difference scan as is but instead of showing me an edit create a tar.gz (so you will not whinge at me about zip problems) there should be three directories, 'original', 'new', 'changed'; Then I can use my own difference/editing tools to update the 'New' directory templates and upload that for insertion into the template system. Yeah yeah I want a lot, any one can go and buy UltraCompare (or others) which allows for smart three way comparisons of directory trees there is simply no way that ajax style processing can beat that and it lets us bring our templates up-to-date in a more sane fashion. Cheers, Larry

[*]Original - the template as it was before I edited it [*]New - the new template [*]Changed - the template as modified from 'Original'

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