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Hats off again to the entire IPB Staff and Support


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I may not be the brightest star in the cosmos, but one of the best things I ever did was move from VB to IPB

7 plus cases in support all closed in the past 24 hours and all of these issues was either caused by being brain dead or well being dumb and not paying attention.

Bar Non, IPB stands on its own simply form the outstanding support the team has. Let alone the software which I have seen grow termendously BECAUSE THEY LISTEN TO THE COMPLAINTS. I started on 3.1.2 and now am Beta testing as I was invited to do so. I thnk it is they know I can really screw things up so I am a great beta tester

Anyway, Thaks you Jason, Andrew, Ryan and if I missed any one, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

It all started when I had an idea for a new site. Instead of just using IPB, I setup Joomla with Community Builder thinking I could make a go out of it. The competing site uses almost the same software although we established the site differently, it soon became appeartn, many were not gogin to join simply because of the Joomla software an the bad experiance on the site.

So I opted to move to IPB, Painfully I made mistakes, suffered loss time and i know a dozen or more postential members during the past week.

IPB Dug me out of the hole in great time and i am happy to say http://www.flattrackers.com is online and ready to show its stuff.

What we are? We are an inspired site dedicated to the art of Flat Track Racing and its History. From the early board track racing years to present we will be covering it all. The History, the stories, the champions it is all part of this great yet sadly diminishing sport.

Our goal? To be the face book of Flat Tracking to bring a new vibrancy and audience to share and remissness of the golden years. About the men who battled the dirt ovals on Indians, Harleys, BSA, Triumphs and anything that would resemble a motorcycle. There is a rich, vast history to this sport, with each AMA District boasting its own National Champions Like Gentlemen Joe Leonard the very first GNC champion out of Dist36 and the world famous King Kenny Roberts also of Dist36 heritage. We invite all who have enjoyed the sport, made it what it is, former champs and upcoming champs, fans and racers this site is for you, let get it going.

Join us and contribute to our forums, help us chronicle and share the great history of Flat Tracking. The families, the life long buddies those epic battles all have a need to be shared.


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