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Is the IPS Marketplace bugged?


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When I'm viewing mods in IPS Marketplace, I'm only seeing one product per page.

The IP.Board mods look fine, but some of the other addon areas only show 1 product per page.


I have "Free and Paid" selected. In those links above, I only see one item per page, even though the left colum categories say there is 52 items in "IP.Downloads". I get 6 pages to navigate through in IP.Downloads, but as I only see one per page, I see no more than 6 mods in total for IP.Downloads (instead of 52).


P.S: Maybe I should have used IP.Content as an example as I have a valid license for that, but not IP.Downloads. Still I don't think that's the cause of this right?

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Just found that post. I'm typing on my kindle fire as my laptop shot a week back and is pending repairs. So I guess my community that heavily uses and pays for access to downloads is now screwed until I can gain access to another computer. Lovely. At least I know this issue isn't my fault now.
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