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[REQUEST] colorize off-topic posts


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Since we all know that off-topic poss occur in topics, how about giving the poster the ability to mark his post as offtopic and have the post with gray background or something like that.

this gives tha bility to immediately identify offtopic posts in topics and either jump or delete or even better after that have a button to cut and paste it in a new topic or somewhere else (or delete as usual) etc.

I think that by having different colors in the background to mark offtopic posts in each topic is a very good and easy way to have clearer discussions.


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I'd like something like this, but not poster-side.
A poster should, in theory, not even post an off topic content.

Readers could 'label' with a button a post as "off topic".
This, after X off topic marks, could have its text grayed or could become "minimized" with a 'this content is off topic, click tomshow'

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