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Download: Torhead.com BBCode


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File Name: Torhead.com BBCode
File Submitter: Donnerschlag
File Submitted: 23 Jan 2012
File Category: Miscellaneous XML Files

Upload these bbcodes to add Torhead tooltips. All they need to do is add is just the name of the item inside the BBCode.


You must go to the Admin CP -> Look & Feel -> (Skin) -> Manage Templates & CSS -> globalTemplate

Add the following above </head>


<script src="http://tor.zamimg.com/tooltips.js

To have tooltips modify the colors of links on your site and add icons where appropriate place this before the normal tooltip code:

[CODE]<script src=""></script> <script>var framehead_tooltips = { "colorlinks": true, "iconizelinks": true }</script>


Only want to do one of those things? Then include just the option you want, like so:

"></script> <script>var framehead_tooltips = { "iconizelinks": true }</script>

<script src="http://tor.zamimg.com/tooltips.js

Big thanks to Michael for the help with the schematics.

Click here to download this file

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