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Suggestion: Add ability to add banners per forums topic and per thread topic

Kim Krause Berg

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I want to place one banner into the first post of the first thread in a specific topic rather than it going out ot every single topic/thead/first post,

Also, can each of the forums topics have a banner specific to that one topic rather than it going out to all of them?

My forums covers several different industries and advertisers wish to focus their banners on specific topics rather than the entire forums.

I understand this is not possible now. Would really love to see this developed. Thanks!

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you can swing the cat by using the forum rules as forum specific banner, and if you wanted to in a funny way a small tweak on the announcments would also work

I have specific forum banner / forum rules spot testing now and from there i will create a ad section in nexus so people will be able to buy them, it will take a little to set the nexus up but once done it will be easy enough to use

you can see an example here of what a forum rules / banner would look like ( slightly adult so kiddes please this is not for you ) and i would probably sell them on a monthly bases and set up a auto renew type system with it.

if i wanted to automate it more i could possible use oio publisher to set up atomatic pament submission to those areas on the site with some snippet of code / untested but it should work

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