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Support ouside the US and Canada


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One of the key benefits of the business license is the 24 ticket support and the phone support.

But if your outside the US or Canada you don't get any phone support.

Would it not make sense business wise, to offer for international customer a live chat
to solve problems in a timely manner with the possibility to have a real live communication.

I have this with my ISP and other companies. Sometime its good to open a ticket, but sometimes you only need a answer on a small question and reconfirm it because the answer give you different choices or you are not on 100% on the same page. This takes on chat minutes and with ticket and the response time from both sides it can take days.

I know incoming support call are not easy to handle and expensive, outgoing phone calls to other parts of the world are even more expensive but with a chat you can handle a lot of foreign customers inexpensive and in a timely fashion.

This could create a win win situation for both sides.

Regards from Belize

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We've had support livechat in the past. It's something we may be reconsider in the future, but after several years of offering it, our general experience was that most chats were issues, not questions and the vast majority of those issues could not be addressed via livechat. If I recall, our average chat length was 30-45 minutes and in the end, many of those resulted in tickets anyway so other staff could assist. Ultimately, we concluded that our staffing resources were better spent on providing client area assistance and we feel this has been a successful approach.

We may explore the possibility of adding tier 1 / front-line livechat assistance for general inquiries again. Thanks for the feedback.

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In terms of being on the same page, it's always very important on a technical front especially that your question be Well worded, precise and contain all the details needed to answer the question correctly the first time, every time. As well IPS has in my experience always been very good at interpretting information if it's not very clear or the person who opened the ticket's English is not very good

Edit: This is more of a reminder, not critisism

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