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After tinkering around a little more with the smiley manager I thought I'd repeat the suggestion i made on twitter.

- Upon clicking the reply area the smiley under text container automatically opens rather than having to click the smiley button in the editor. Or perhaps for those that don't wish to have it opened make this optional in the admincp.

- I've always loathed popup windows, overlays to view all smilies so rather than have some smilies appear in the container under the text area allow users to have the option to show all smilies. Better still, an option in the admincp for a smiley cut off point where the admin can insert a smiley amount to show under the text area before the rest are shown in the popup if the popup must stay. Suffice to say if the admin inserts the full smiley count then the option to show more doesn't show at all. If the smilies happen to extend past the container they break onto a new line.

- I haven't looked into the smiley categories, last time I checked you could scroll accross in the below text area to view more. Instead, all an option if categories are created users can click an arrow in the below text area to navigate to the next smiley category. Hopefully I explained that part out clearly.

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