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Download: [EN32] Top X Stats

Elad Nava

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File Name: [EN32] Top X Stats
File Submitter: Elad Nava
File Submitted: 14 Jan 2012
File Updated: 17 Feb 2012
File Category: Hooks and Plugins

File Name: [EN32] Top X Stats
Author: Elad Nava
Compatibility: IP.Board v3.2.x & IP.Board 3.1.x & IP.Board 3.0.x


This hook adds a customizable statistic table to the board index footer with the following statistic options:

Forum Statistics

  • Latest Forum News
  • Most Popular Forums

Member Statistics
  • Top Posters
  • Top Sheriffs
  • Most Wanted
  • New Members
  • Recent Visitors
  • Top Thread Starters
  • Recent Name Changes
  • Most Popular Members
  • Latest Profile Comments
  • Top Member Reputation

Topic/Poll Statistics
  • Most Views
  • Latest Polls
  • Most Replies
  • Recent Attachments
  • Top Thread Reputation

There are 6 blocks of customizable statistics and a latest posts block.

Admin CP settings allow you to choose statistic options and reorder them, exclude groups from seeing the statistics, exclude forums from showing in latest posts, define how many stats are in each block, turn off individual blocks, format display names, and more.

Click here to download this file
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I've noticed a couple of issues from the install page. There are two hooks provided, but hook names are incorrect and also there isn't a top hook.

One more..I've noticed that the Recent Attachments have the same URL, but different attachment names.

Step 2: Import Hook
Admin CP -> Applications & Modules -> Manage Hooks. Import hook-bottom.xml provided in this package.

If you want the statistics at the top of the page instead of at the bottom, import hook-top.xml provided in this package.

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I love this hook..it worked for a bit and then I got the Ol database message error and had to disable it in order to bring my site backup.. I did a skin rebuild, etc and no luck. I followed the instructions step by step.

Any ideas?


I'm getting exactly the same problem. Was working, then simply changed "format display names" to yes, and then the database error occured. Also install instructions are out of date, and not accurate.

I've had to leave the hook disabled to view the forums. Hope this is fixed soon, because what I saw was great, even if it was only for 5 mins!
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love it, works nice with "format display names" = no

or hook-top.xml is not included! need it at top, not at botton, how to fix?


It does not matter you say "no" or "yes"... If you change one thing in setting, it gives you driver error...
I am using without changing anything in setting.. It works... :)
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Same error as this when I install. It work, but if you change Member Group who can see you will get Database Error. Have this been fix yet? I have install the latest version. Also, I need it for Top Hook, it only install bottom. Help?

For once the new version and after setting it still gives the same error
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