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Cometchat on my server

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I've used cometchat number of times before (not on forum), but all I can certainly say is that it depends on how many people you except them to chat.

But, do understand that cometchat and any other ajax chat requires a lot of polling. (Cometchat's defaults are 6 to 12 seconds varying as activity of the user chages). So, you're going to skyrocket your resource requirements and a shared hosting isn't really going to appreciate that. I haven't run on shared hosting environment in years (except some really basic stuff), so, at what limit they'll tell you to get out... I don't know.

You can also opt for something like chatango which will requires 0 of your resource or setup an irc chatroom -- again which won't cost you anything.

PS. It will drastically kill your forum posts as people will start chatting instead of posting.

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