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I installed some mod for phpBB...

Axel Wers

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Yesterday I installed Thanks mod for phpBB3 (something like Reputation in IP.Board). Based on manual installation should be easy and should took about 10 minutes. I had to manually edit about 20 files and then resolve some fatal errors. After ONE hour I was completed.
Now I see how is really easy to install apps and mods for IP.Board. One hundred paid IP.Boards are much more better than one free phpBB board. Trust me. You (IPS team) do trully good job. IP.Board is really good solution for common users.

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smf and ip are a lot alike this way.
with smf you can actually transfer the install files from their server to yours from the admin panel, but even if manually uploading the install process is similar.

ip hooks are lot different, and ip recovers from install error faster due to ability to quickly disable, but phpbb was horrible for me.

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