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Ocean West

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I would like to suggest that a few features be implemented now that VNC has been out for a long while.

1. The Past 2 Weeks, Past Month, Past 6 Months, Past Year links are really rather useless - as all they do is ADD more results/pages to the found set. I would say remove em or put them under a "more..." option that toggles.

2. Add the ability to view Today's Posts < THE CALENDAR DAY> based on my time zone. 12:00AM - 11:59PM.

3. Add ability to step back thru time - Yesterday show only posts by yesterday, or move into the present when you are on a previous date.

4. Also add ability to view TOPICS or POSTS in this manner posts would show up with a RE: in the subject.

5. Also add ability to Look at posts/topic by WEEKS this week / last week. week before etc. Starting on Sunday 12:00AM - Saturday 11:59pm from the users time zone.

6. Add 140+ or more characters below the subject an excerpt from the body.

7. Add ability to view only topics with out any replies. (must have for moderators)

8. Ability to flag or highlight a member who is a newbie - under 5 posts so members can take care to welcome them.

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#1Totally agree. Amazes me that IPS can't see how useless the current options are.

#7 Totally agree.

#8 You can do that now by making the default member group name "New Members". Once they get to 5 posts they are auto promoted to a new "Regular Member" group. I do that at my site and give regular members extra rights.

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The way people in mass are being conditioned by the likes of Google (G+) and search results and Facebook, Twitter - <insert your social site here> the STREAM is where people live for consumption of active in-the-NOW conversation. Forums are a throw back to a different decade.

Forums contrast social sites because they are structured by theme content or permission a hierarchy of levels to content that is specific relationship to its position. Forums still are a stable in that they are reliable and navigating a hierarchy by theme or content is great - but when you interests is SITE wide and not just specific to ONE forum you want to see EVERYTHING coming in. and how it comes in - New Topic / or response.

I can't know how it works for every forum site but for mine since it is technical in nature and its very hard to contain a topic to just one forum as a solution or technique may employ many different subjects - so not every poster is able to decide exactly where to post. For someone coming to my site they may not go to the Category>Forum and search that forum the search site wide anyway so they get a more broader possible results.

To encourage quality conversation having a way to get people to see what is being posted or replied to is key so the conversation doesn't go stale. And the original members post can be remedied.


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