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Download: Elegance Infinity ~White Sea~


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File Name: Elegance Infinity ~White Sea~
File Submitter: Beatless
File Submitted: 04 Jan 2012
File Category: Miscellaneous Skins


Elegance White Sea series belong to Invision Power Board 2.1.7 versions. Since then the original design remains almost the same with some variations with the body. The main purpose of this design is to provide a top notch good looking site without any HTML/CSS knowledge.

Major Feature:

Layout Switch:
Elegance Infinity White Sea offer around 3 different layouts inside the skin itself

Elegance Infinity White Sea - Standard Layout:


Elegance Infinity White Sea - Second Layout:


Elegance Infinity White Sea - Second Layout + Slideshow Disabled:


Other Features:
1. Configurable Slideshow.
2. Fluid/Fixed Skin
3. Backgrounds & Logo .PSD
4. First Word Color Span
5. Tableless Board View
6. Cross browser support.
7. Around 8 New BBCodes & New Typography
8. Control Panel (for easy customization)
9. Documentation
10. IP.Gallery, IP.Content, IP.Downloads and Third Party Component Support
11. Animation Transitions
12. RTL Support!
13. And many more!

* Rights after purchase:
We offer free and custom support everything for free after the purchase. Is recommended that you read this post in order to provide high priority support. We also offer custom assistance for installing the skin and adjusting the 3rd party components to fit the design.

Click here to download this file

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wow this is beautiful, and my site is called Elegance Reef , perfect match. One question before purchase, can I set wider forum, fluid ? Right now your forum is to small for my aplication and would like to have widder forum, is that easy to do or not posiblle due to design issue?

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Hello Beatles
I purchased your skin, instaled per instruction but most of the skin are red x, to get a better idea please check the link: http://www.elegancer...ettingNewSkin=5

If you do not see the skin please at the bottom of the forum chose skin chaser.

As you can see I do not have my old forum url http://www.elegancereef.com/forum/
now have all those text after him, can you please check and see what is going on?

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Does this support sidebars? I've purchased the skin from here last night, and uploaded to my site. The sidebar appears below all of the forums near the bottom of the page.

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Please could some one help me. I purchased this skin ages ago, but am having some problems with it. I have tried contacting the skin author for weeks now, but can't seem to get a response.

I have a problem where the side bar blocks appear below the categories on the index page. (using the 'fluid' setting.) Please see attached screenshot.

%7Boption%7Dwhiteseascreenie.jpg' alt='' class='ipsI" alt="" class="ipsImage" width="1000" height="562">

If anyone could offer some advice ..it would be very much appreciated. :smile:

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Thank you Asch for trying to help. :smile:

I have no buttons whatsoever under the shoutbox?

And yes I am trying to use the fluid version.

I am really disappointed, because I have asked for help weeks before they closed their site. I have been waiting for an answer for probably 4 or 5 months now. :sad:

In the very least ..they should remove the file, so no one else suffers with the same problem, and they should at least try to support their current customers.

I would not have purchased the skin had I known the fluid version just did not work.

But again ..thank you so much for your time ..very much appreciated. :smile:

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