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    • By darian4333
      Hello! I created 2 custom profile field's but the title's aren't showing in topic's content, here are 2 screenshot so you can understand better.

      Profile field's: 

      As you can see im using the right settings (display format for topics) and the code: <strong>{$title}:</strong> {$content} but the title of the field still doesn't show, only the content.
      I want the title and the content, any ideas? Maybe i did something wrong. -_-
    • By TrueGota
      So I started up my community and am heavily using pages, so the first question I have is whether it is possible to edit the wiki-style editing option so that whenever someone changes something in an article, an admin has to confirm that change. If that is already possible, I would appreciate how to set it up.
      The other question is whether it is possible to use tables in pages/articles since I basically want to set up a bunch of lists in one category.
    • By Petra Jane
      Is it possible to edit the Forum Update Page so that one can add the forum logo rather than show a simple black and white text message whilst the forum updates are running please?
      If so, a pointer to the file to tweak would be a bonus.
      Many thanks
    • By OctoDev
      Add the ability to add a slider, where we can put a starting and min value. Then we can add price per value.. For example $0.1 per 1 that they selected in the slider? One example would be where I'd want my clients to purchase a level ranging from 1-80. I'd make the slider go to 80, where the price would increase per level. Separate custom fields option. I added 3 custom fields with 50 different options in each. Instead of allowing me to put 150 different prices, it made me put the price of every single combination possible which would end up being 125 000.. This is not very logical. It may fit for some, but I believe most would like to add price per custom field and not all combined. As that would add so much extra work. API to show full order info from license key, so when they adjust custom fields, it would all show up on the API what they selected, how much and the value.
    • By LiquidFractal
      On the adminCP login screen: if you enter an email address which isn't registered on the site you get the following notification:

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