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Please put Forum Rules back in topic view


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Members who reply to topics need to know the rules as well as topic starters. The fact that they are now only in forum view is a big problem on my site. There are some forums where members only reply, in fact, forums can be set so members can only reply, and only admins can create topics. In these, they never see the rules.

Please put these back or at least make it an option. Thanks

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I don't mind wherever they're shown, but I wish there was a way to dismiss or collapse them after clicking an "I agree" or similar confirmation button. Then have them show up again if the rules are updated.

If they are required to have the "I agree" button clicked prior to posting, people can't claim ignorance when they violate the rules.

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sounds to me that this would be better handled with a 3rd party hook

# Use existing IPS forum rules per forum (in manage forums) and display them above the RTE/CKE editor when replying to a topic
# display rules based on member group (can then target at guests, new members etc without having seasoned members/admin having to read/agree)
# optional agree/confirm button before post button is available (would be grayed out until rules are agreed to)
# rules either as full text or a popup box (in new window or lightbox maybe)

# have the optional agree button as persistent for every reply, or remember user has already agreed to the rules, either at topic/forum or board level. EG a cookie to not display the rules again once agreed with. I don't know if it is possible to remember settings at either topic, forum or board level and have it selectable via hook ACP settings?

just food for thought :)


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