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Overloading makeSeoTitle() for FURL


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Please, give us a possibility to hook into the function makeSeoTitle() to create own conversion for the non-Western characters. It is about usability and prettienes, not SEO. On the non-Western cyrillic sites we struggle with 2 user unfriendly effects:

1. The URLs are half latin, half cyrillic, example


It is NOT user friendly to have him switch between two input languages while entering URL 2. Copying URL from the address bar of the browser and pasting it anywhere makes it unreadable and unusable. Example


Nobody can remember this URL, it says nothing about the content of the entry. It looks ugly! Give us the possibility to hook into makeSeoTitle() where all(?) SEO names are created, and we could simply use so called translit. Replacing cyrillic letters by latin is very easy programming job if we could hook there. And the example would be nice, SEO and user friendly URLs:


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