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If a forum is only a category, display posts in all subforums in ForumView template


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Let's say I have a forum that is only a category. Not a top-level category, but a forum that acts as a category, and cannot be posted to:

And this category forum has four subforums:

When viewing the "Fruit" forum, it would display the four subforums at the top. However, it would also display the most recent 10 posts from all subforums in a feed below that.

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To do that, you would need to set the fruit forum not as a category only forum but as a normal forum, but with your permissions only have that you / admin could post and reply to the forum, and that other levels could read the forum.

once you have done that you could set up a export of the 4 four active forums in your forums rss export section and then swing those around to import into the fruit category forum with you as the poster, your display or number of recent posts would probably be greater than 10 as those settings are more a over all setting per your system, but you could cull for better words this setting if you wished or if the four sub forums were active / set fruit to display for just the last x days of posts to restrict the number of posts / then put in place a deletion system where old posts are automatically deleted / there are some hooks in the market place that will do this for you.

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