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Nexus Integration


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It would be really great if Calendar could support integration with Nexus, in a similar fashion to Downloads, so that we could easily support ticket sales.

if an event is free then RSVP is fine (though the ability to print the list of attendees would be fab), but for charged events the RSVP button should change to 'buy ticket'. As part of setting up the event you could:

  • Set which member groups can buy tickets
  • set prices per member group
  • enable custom ticket types, e.g. family
  • the maximum number of tickets both in total and available per purchase
  • closing date for ticket sales.

Icing on the cake would be a great ipContent ticket sales plugin block. :grin:

Attached image is an example from CSMA site which does just what I should like.

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Just some info on what we are doing :)

As I have been unable to get any reply from IPS regarding the Calendar or RSVP road map, as soon as I have finished having the Calendar form template application coded (based on this application), I will be having an RSVP hook made.

It is likely to just be an expansion of the existing RSVP button which allows a respondent to include details of guests. I have thought about Nexus integration but I was going to leave it and have a link to the available tickets using the template (it allows you to include URLs).

For us, it could get quite messy when you have multiple tickets
vehicle Entry pass
ticket per person (member, guests, persons under 14, etc)
Sprint tickets

...that is already 5 different types of tickets, (just off the top of my head) and is typical of the events we attend.

My co-admin has also done some work on pulling member and Nexus fields to produce reports for:
1. create a list of tickets for bulk ordering from event organisers
2. create a list of attendees with contact details, vehicle details etc etc so that our club event organisers can manage attendees at an event.

Thinking about your comments, it could be an idea to improve nexus integration.

An event 'status' hook would be an idea.

IP Content integration would be a big plus as well, unfortunately for us we won't be looking at IPC until Q1/Q2 next year.

So, I am with you on your ideas. The things I am having done should be available to the IPS community once finished.


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