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Pete T

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I'm wondering, what is the difference between your 'Classifieds System' that allows members to sell stuff and the app '' that allows members to sell stuff? I mean besides appearance and internal programming. Since the other app is more popular, if you want people to purchase your app instead, you need to do the following:
1. Clean up the description of the file, it looks trashed and that makes one wonder if your programming is like that too.
2. Provide plenty of screenshots with the file download (you have two up now, add several more).
3. A reliable demo that people don't have to register to test out. By reliable, I mean that people don't keep having problems trying to visit the demo. A '404' error is preventable.
4. Make a list of features your app has that the other doesn't. List those features first, with the 'duplicate' features coming after. If people see a list of features your app has, then look at the other one and don't see those features listed, it can encourage people to lean towards yours instead.
5. Take peoples comments as constructive. People who want to buy a Classifieds app don't want to just toss their money around. They want to know that they are getting a quality product with quality support. If they see you being short tempered, that will only discourage potential buyers.

Back to my question though, what is different about your app from the other one? It's an honest question.

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Wolfie : personally I not looked other app in question but I do personally hate people fill that attack modder for its work I don't go someone taking there time create item then piss on them !

The next item is I am in middle updating mod the demo was created for 3.2.x once I updated new demo will be there plus more better screenshots so people view mod at there own time.

I take all people feedbacks on board as I person that looks them as good view if someone wish buy item and demo down there coulda ask for live demo then pass on details that no importants to topic.

This topic will be closed and removed few days as its become more of piss take then asking questions if feel my reply not to your standard then I add simple message

My health is faeces right now i am in pain 24/7 waiting for surgery been unable to work last 6 months and have better items deal with then have people tak piss.

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