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Download: Classifieds System

Pete T

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File Name: [XPD] Classifieds System
File Submitter: Pete T
File Submitted: 19 Dec 2011
File Category: Application Modules

Fresh Installation
Classifieds System 1.0.1

Classified System For Members To Post Items For Sale.

Invision Power Board v3.2.x

File Upload
Upload Files From .zip Package To Your Server.

File From File To admin/ALL admin/ public/ALL public/ uploads/ALL uploads/
Login To Your AdminCP And Navigate To: Applications & Modules => Manage Applications & Modules In The "Applications Not Installed" Box, You Should See The Classifieds System Application. To The Right You Should See The "INSTALL" Button. Run The Installation Script.

File Edits

Click here to download this file

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I tested the product a long time ago and still have some residual items showing up in ACP

Can I get a list (PM ME IF NEEDED) of the file locations so I can delete them from my site.

Thanks, although it is a great product I moved to Nexus and I donot have the original files to star and compare.


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Home View

View of the 'Home' tab is a list of the latest items listed from all categories. The list is ordered by item posted time. Information on the list contains:

  • Item name
  • Item category
  • Price
  • Seller
  • Time posted
  • Last comment details
  • Item status (price firm/obo/negotiable)
  • # of views
  • # of comments
  • # of photos


Item View

View of the 'Item' shows all screenshots thumbnailed (click on for lightbox array), displays comments (10 per page), all item details relevant to the listing. On the upper right corner of the Item Box you will see a 'cog' icon. Clicking this icon will activate a drop down menu where the item controls are. For the item owner and system admins there will be additional controls for edit/delete/manage images. After an item is posted, the seller is redirected to the 'Manage Images' page of the item where they can upload unlimited images. Image restrictions can be found in the Classified System settings in the IPB AdminCP. Once an item is sold, the item owner may mark the item as 'Closed' in which no additional comments maybe added. The item can also be re-opened at the item owner/system admin's discretion.


Commenting Notifications

Notification settings can be disabled per user in their 'My Account' settings page. The two notification types are: Notifications Parameters: %7Boption%7DSystem AdminCP Here is the main console where system administrators can manage the system and it's users. Here are the options: %7Boption%7D Questions/comments welcomed.
  1. [*]
Notify me when someone comments to an item I have posted. This one is a bit obvious, the item owner will receive a notification when someone comments on an item they have posted. [*]Notify me when the item owner comments on an item I have commented on. This one isn't so obvious, if someone comments on an item and then the item owner comments after that, each person who made a comment will receive a notification that the item owner has commented.

Item seller will not receive a notification when he/she comments. If someone comments more than once per item, they will not receive multiple notifications per item owner comment. (select distinct query).

Search Member (ban from system available) Manage Categories Manage Reports Manage Comments Manage Images

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For start only noticed made reply today due to fact not alway on here much secondly i reinstalling a demo forum for all items if want get Andy mod that you option but being funny over it is never good because don't get you far.

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A few questions before we buy it. can we limit members from using it by post count? Like the need 20 post before they can use it?


Can we put it so mods have to agree to let the ad be live ? thanks in advace

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