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Download: IP.Sleek Green


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File Name: IP.Sleek Green
File Submitter: NeoGrant
File Submitted: 18 Dec 2011
File Updated: 19 Dec 2011
File Category: Professional Skins

Introducing IP Sleek Green!

This skin includes the copyright removal fee, meaning there is no copyright linking back to the skin author.

A Modern, and Professional themed skin ready for importing into your community site in 2 steps!

Download includes:

  • Instructions
  • XML Files to import
  • PSD for Logo

Purchase at $25.00

A professional skin ready to use at a low-end budget!

Important Copyright Notice
Included in the price is the removal of the copyright. (This skin comes with no copyright.)

Click here to download this file
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Maybe fix the Navigation menu items, as the text changes between normal and bold when you mouse hover, which then distorts the size of all the menu items, so they shift around as you hover over the menu.

The white text doesn't stand out much either, and makes the links hard to read.

When clicking Blogs on your demo site, the menu item didn't stay highlighted to show its the current active tab.

I like the nice green colour, but I can't see what makes this a professional skin or justifies a Premium price (even though you say its low-end budget). Not a fan of the forum icons either sorry. If you're going to charge $25, you could re-colour the CKE editor box as well.

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