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Separate character restrictions for Usernames and Display Names

The Krotek

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This issue has been there since very first day of IPB 3 release, but it hasn't been fixed despite all the reports. OK, since support guys sent me here, I'll write down again.

What we have

Username character restrictions are being applied to display names as well.

What we need

There are lot of customers with communities in non-Latin languages, so Display names MUST have different restrictions. For example, I can have a username with Latin characters and Display name - in local language. This is absolutely normal for non-Latin languages. People tend to use display names in their native language.

This is a super easy fix, which require to add one extra condition (2 lines of code) and 1 extra setting in ACP. That's all. I hope this time developers WILL pay attention to this issue.

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As we mentioned several times we read ALL feedback topics but we simply can't reply to everyone, I would rather spend my time fixing bugs and adding new features instead of replying to each topic in this section with a generic "this is an interesting idea" or "we'll consider this idea". At least I think it is more productive.

A suggestion might seem simple but implementing it could require to account for a lot of different things, this is generally speaking and not related to your suggestion alone though. Talking specifically about this change I don't think only 2 lines of code would be enough anyway, also usually minor version releases (3.3.x) are meant to fix bugs only and not to add/change features like in major versions (3.x).

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This problem lasts for YEARS! Please, do not make it overcomplicated. You guys just speak English, this is why this issue doesn't bother you at all. If your native language was Russian or Chinese for example, you'd find some time and people to sort this out.

Anyway, I wrote a simple hook already. And yes, it did take some time, because I'm absolute noob in you hook system and not the best programmer in the world. You alone, my friend, could do it in 1 sec. No need to gather all IPS Staff and brainstorm it to death.

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