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Please add a subheader:


First Newest | Topics | Last Post

Many members do not know that they can click the icon to get the newest post. Nor do they know they can click the date to get to the last post. This subheader should clear it up.

You could also add "Last Post:" before the date, because many members click the member name by mistake. Just some added clarification, but if you consider that clutter, please consider the subheader. That would solve a lot of confusion.

Also it would be nice if the entire field was activated for the newest post. The icon is very small.


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I agree. For casual users VNC is confusing to use and the dot to go to the first unread post just looks like a bullet point rather than something that can be clicked. I had problems at my forums and had to put a legend at the bottom of the results as per the attached image. Not the best but better than nothing.


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