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[suggestion] Auto-search and add tags based on user-defined criteria


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Tags is a new feature for IPB, but what about all the years of posting that do not contain any tags? I hope you understand what i'm trying to say here, as the tags feature is only available since a few weeks to all IPB communities but for all the older posts, the tags must be added by manual editing. This is very tiring and time-consuming. It makes no sense having a tag system, when the millions of topics that have been posted before the release of the new IPB with tag support, are not tagged. In order to fix that lack of tags in older topics, the best solution would be allow a search feature in the ACP where based on specific keywords found in the first post of every topic on the forum, tags are automatically added to the topic. I think this is a terrific idea! Someone please take a look at this and make it possible for 3.3, which would be a huge help to all IPB communities, in my honest opinion, as it's not easy at all to have to manually edit all older topics to add tags to them, individually. It's actually a nightmare! I've tried it and given up. The ACP should feature a new Tags Management section, so that the admin can define specific conditions for the tags to be added. For example:

Tags Management Menu

Enter keywords to search for in the first post of topics: sale,pending,discount,bulk (etc)
Based on those specific keywords, separated by a comma, a search will be done so that all matching words are automatically turned into corresponding tags and added to the respective topics.
We should be able to set the number of cycles when the conversion occurs, to avoid exceeding server resources.
Here we should also have checkboxes to select what kinds of topics are to be considered: pinned, locked, topics with polls, or normal topics
Also we should have selectable list of boards where the conversion of keywords to tags are to happen.

We should also have a maintenance section for tags.
In the maintenance section, all existing tags already added to topics should be editable. For example, suppose that sale of items or services have been banned from the entire community or only from certain sections (boards), so in that case, the "sale" tag should be eliminated from all topics in that certain board. To do that, there should be a search algo to allow removal or replacing of those existing tags with other tags.
Also, certain tags that have been removed from some boards, and if not allowed to be added again, should be expressed as a new tag ban feature which should be activated, so that if a member enters a banned/forbidden tag in the tags list while posting, then the forum system should alert the member.

This is a very serious suggestion, as i believe the tags feature will become a dominant idea on all IPB communities, especially since development of 3.3 has already announced the inclusion of Related Topics which will rely on tags. So, if there are no tags on older topics, the Related Topics feature is not going to perform well, as it relies on the availability of tags to begin with. The more topics with tags, the more accurate and better results will be available from Related Topics.

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