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Password changing


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I have no idea how long the current email/password page has been in effect in a users control panel, but I can honestly say as a regular user, it left me confused.

I want to change my email, fine, understand that no problem, but the wording and layout for changing a password is just not what I expected.

It used to be easy,

enter old password >
enter new password >
confirm password >

save, job done.

Now I see a box where i can enter my current password but there are no boxes for changing it.

Oh, I see what you did there, you have these 2 new swanky boxes for allowing me to make a new password for mobile logins but hold on a sec, there's no mention or reference as to whether these are additional (for mobile only) boxes or whether they can be used as the new password boxes of ye olde times gone by.

Excuse the mild sarcasm, but as a seasoned forum user, I was confused and your average less savvy forum user won't stand a chance.

Don't even bother to tell me it makes sense to you as it doesn't make ANY sense to me. The wording is wrong.
I'm all for change and updating and yada yada yada, but this time, I think you got it wrong. This is one area where traditional familiar boxes ARE needed.


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