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Disable Guests seeing RSVPs


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When guests permissions are set to not show members names ie clicking the members tab give a permission warning, guests can see the names of anybody who is registered for an event.

There should be a toggle to either hide/show or hide the names by default to guests to follow the same permissions. I had a member pointing that out and she was upset google had cached her name as attending a certain event which could become a privacy issue. Also you should not simply hide the calendar for guests as the Calendar is a means to get more members.

So in the meantime I will have to do a skin edit and put a if-then in there but you should really hide the names of members rsvped to guests.

I posted a bug report but was directed here.

Further more, since search engines cache the attendants you may have your name attached to an event you would not want others to know about...ie lets say it is an event on "depression". Your name would be associated to "depression". The solution also is NOT to hide the calendar to guests since that calendar is the means to get new members who may want to attend events.

My point is that it is very different to see the name of someone responding to a thread and knowing that person X will be at a certain event at a certain time. It enables people who have been banned for stalking to track where someone goes. We do events almost every day and we can t have non members able to see who is rsvp'ed.

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I don't think this should be tied to "can view member list". I think if we were to do something about this, we would have to implement a new permission option. Or possibly only allow you to see event attendees if you can RSVP for the event yourself? That seems to make sense in my mind (if you can't RSVP, there's not much need for you to see who else is attending) - what do you think?

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I have the same issue. My members are also not very pleased with the fact that there whereabouts will be public on a certain time. I don't see it as a big problem but in case someone is helping with the event from work then such issues can potentially cause problems for the people involved in online community work, even if they do it during their lunch breaks etc.

Nonetheless, I like the new permission option to 'show rsvp' included in ACP, i.e. in group permission section. It will resolve the issue.

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