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Improvement suggestions for Translations-feature on these forums


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Quality and concistency assurance. I wish to be able to click on someones amount of contributions in order to be redirected to a filter that displays their work. That we can check up on whether you agree on changes or not. Also consider adding the possibility to approve or disapprove someones work on each language pack.

A list of say "The 20 most recent updated strings would also help with this.

Reservation. I think there should be some kind of reservation feature for pages. In it's current form two users could be updating the same pages and doing a lot of double work. So you should consider closing the page for other contributors for a specified time amount after they've started changing language strings on the page.

Discussion. You could do this the simplest way and just add a global comment field for every language pack, you could also consider making it possible to comment on every single language string. But I think a global field will be good enough in most cases.

"Live Preview". Currently there is no way for me to check or test the translations on these forums. So you should add these language packs to these forums as language packs that will be updated every 4 hours if there's been changes to them. That way the probability of someone fixing a bad translation will be greater.

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