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VNC Default Behavior


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If you are on a member's profile page and click VNC, it has Members selected by default. Now why would you be looking for new members coming from a profile page? It should default to Forums, as people are bouncing around the forum, but always looking for new posts, not new members. I understand Blog going to Blogs etc. but the profile page is part of the forum.

Also I believe the Other options the bottom should not be saved, but be reset upon revisiting the page. I had "Just items I follow" saved and couldn't figure out why I could not see new posts.

But I do like the Time Period settings in the center being saved. That is great.


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If you want it to set to forums each time like myself, In globaltemplate search for

<a href='{parse url="app=core&amp;module=search&amp;do=viewNewContent&amp;search_app=<if test="viewnewcontentapp:|:$this->registry->getCurrentApplication() != 'core' AND IPSLib::appIsSearchable( $this->registry->getCurrentApplication() )">{$this->registry->getCurrentApplication()}<else />forums</if>" base="public"}' accesskey='2'>

replace with

<a href='{parse url="app=core&amp;module=search&amp;do=viewNewContent&amp;search_app=forums" base="public"}' accesskey='2'>

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