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Core search needs improvement.

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I agree you have a valid point here, however unfortunately the limitation is with the IP.Board search system right now (with regards to requiring a search string). We would need to do something with IP.Board's search to resolve this in a future core release.

.... Frankly, rather than this being spread about across the apps... lets focus on the real issue.
The search system needs some serious help in regards to custom searching on columns...
Every app with custom fields is hindered in various ways due to the limitations of core searching... we have the choice of either explicitly defining multiple columns to search(...forum topics for example, or content) which produces lackluster results, or only allowing filtering further using these columns.... which is NOT the answer either(downloads).
Control... if you cannot find the highway for the trees, search becomes useless....
putting this here as is Core issue, putting it in a app request makes little sense to me after doing some digging.
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