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(Wolf) Secondary Icons


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File Name: (Wolf) Secondary Icons

File Submitter: Wolfie

File Submitted: 01 Dec 2011

File Category: Other style options

This hook is in ALPHA stage.

What this means is that it has not been extensively tested, the code needs to be tweaked some and that it's basically still hot off the grill.

What this will do is make it so that icons for selected secondary groups will show up for members who have those groups applied to their account. This is only noticeable when viewing a topic.

Options include:
- enabled or not
- which groups to include (public view and private view)
- guest access
- restriction by group
- always on for Admins/Supermods (private view) (updated)

No screenshot of it in action yet, but here's what it does. Let's say you have a group named 'Contributors' that is automatically applied to someones secondary group list when they donate money to you and let's say that the group has an image associated with it (member group setting). If you select to have that group shown, then everyone who has it as a secondary group will have the contributors image show up in their info pane in the topic view.

There are two selections, public and private. Public shows to anyone who isn't restricted from seeing the secondary icons. Private requires being a member of one of another choice of groups. You can have Supermods and Admins pre-included to view this list. The private view is good if you want to see who has access to a particular group, but don't want that made known to the general public. Using the contributors example, you might a persons status to remain confidential but like seeing it for yourself.

The update to the admin/super mods feature: Was doing it where if both were enabled, someone with acp or supermod access would get to see it. This is fine if that's what the admin wants. But there may be situations where admin wants to require someone to have both acp and supermod access (not all sites give super mod powers to those with acp access, for example). So the new way allows for it to be off, either, admin only, super mod only or require both flags.

here to download this file

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Having the ability for my members to wear 2 "badges" is important for them and the stock functionality of the software doesn't provide for that. I have just installed this hook and it's good, I would prefer for the icons to be butted against each other (one on top of the other) and if that is possible it would be perfect!

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Hey Wolf, a screenshot of userinfopane would help those who doesn't understand the purpose of the hook. :smile:

I think I know what he's asking for and I might be able to pull that off. I think he wants the icons to bunch up with the primary icon, which I avoided doing to avoid confusion. However, it should be possible, will have to look into it.
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No, no... I'm not saying about the user above... I'm asking to you to add a screenshot of userInfoPane in the hook. :wink:

I know. Haven't gotten any yet as I still need to set up a few things first, including options within the hook. Just for him, as it is now, it wouldn't do what he's wanting... yet.
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Umm... I just noticed that there is no "upload" folder as mentioned in the READ ME.

I'd really like if it I could use this...

The readme file says this:

1.  If there is a folder named 'upload' in the archive, then please upload the contents of that folder to the same folder that your conf_global.php file is located in.  Make sure to keep the folder structure intact.

IF there is a folder named 'upload' in the archive... Since there isn't, you don't need to worry with that step. It's a generic readme file and that step is in case there are files that need to be uploaded for a hook of mine to work properly.

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I've been looking for something like this and it's great. Just one thing, is there any snippet of code anywhere I could edit to make this show after the members' custom fields in topic view?

I looked at the skins (userInfopane) and I cannot find anything there. Any help from anyone would be appreciated.

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Hi there,

I was looking for something like this.. however, can I ask for one feature to add? Option to decide where to place the image, simple switch to decide either bottom or below first group image would be very handy.. I would like to have them placed below.. http://screenshooter...7649269/oxuoavn like here the QA team.. always at the very bottom.. as I would like to use this hook as display of additional services they specified member can do..

Also, does it work with 3.3.3?

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I tested it with 3.3.2 and it works, but like you, I'd prefer it at the bottom after the custom fields if any (in my case I have a couple, so the icon in the middle of the default fields and my customs ones looks odd). If you don't have any custom fields showing on topic view, it may already suit you.

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I haven't tested this mod but wouldn't the placement be simple enough to change using the edit hook feature and under the "Files" tab change it there?

I think the last thing in the UserInfoPane template is the custom profile fields so just change:
"The hook 'ID'" to "authorcfields"
"Position of template hook" to "(post.endif) After the if statement ends"

That should make it the very last thing shown in the mini profile aka UserInfoPane

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