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ACP Member Search: show "display name" exact matches first


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When I search for some text via the ACP member search, such as "xyz", it returns users that contain "xyz" in their display name or email address, but a user with the exact display name of "xyz", which is what a search is likely to be for, could turn up anywhere among multiple pages of results. This problem could be solved if a member search acted as it now did, EXCEPT that any user with a display name that matches the search text exactly is returned first. In other words, the default search behavior should prioritize "Display Name" "Equals" over other search parameters when it comes to the order of the results, while still including results returned by other search parameters. The advantage of this over using "Display Name" "Equals" in the advanced member search feature are (1) fewer clicks and (2) additional results that result from search parameters other than "Display Name" "Equals", providing a buffer.

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