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Suggestion! in the features

Troy Spiral

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I have thought about this before starting my new project. Face book is ok and thats that... My dream is if all the forums could somehow link.. and use the collective power of the group we could be more powerful than facebook or favor of the day,

Not sure even how that would work.. Similar Boards cross post? share members, share search ? or just a directory of IPB based on content..

But with all of us struggling to get hits most would not want to share traffic...

I think that has been tried through Zoints...which I don't even know if that's around anymore.
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But what about all the people who love facebook and say 'why can't your site by like facebook, I find that site so easy to use'.

There has to be a balance.

Some forums are very professional and others cater for the casual audience. The trick is to cater for differing groups.

If you want social networking use it, if not leave it off.

Your right, its all about personal opinion, but I guess its save to say that IPB is a LOT easier to use than FB.
Every time I need to do something a bit more than the ordinary on FB I find myself having to google it.... (a while back I had to google "How to remove FB friends")...
Now when it comes to looks... yea I guess it kinda does but that's what skins are for.
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My opinion is that IPB is a wonderful script but when you compare it with phpfox, php will win here is a compatsion between php and IPD and if they did that things it will make IPB the best script in the world!

1. [s]PHP has pages IPB doesn't has![/s]

2. PHP has quizzes IPB dont

3. [s]PHP has polls IPB dont[/s]

3, PHP has friends wall IPB dont

4, [s]PHP has activity feed (sharing status) IPB dont[/s]

5. PHP has Music IPB dont

6. [s]PHP has Videos IPB dont[/s]

7. [s]PHP has Events IPB dont[/s]

8. PHP has many features like facebook and better just if you can add it to IPB it will be the best script ever why, because of this two:

9. IPB has a great blog system other scripts dont

10. IPB has a great forum system other scripts dont

so please combine them all and you will win more and more!

What's strikedthrough we have.
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I'm still sticking with IPB, however I think integrating IPB with Facebook similar to what vBulletin has done would make a great addon! I've been dying to have some type of use for my Facebook Fan Page, this would certainly do it! Also it would be pretty sweet having visitors of the Facebook Fan Page to post stuff as if they were on my discussion forum..

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you can already integrate your board into a facebook application :smile:

i think vbull has just made a fancy video lol

this LOL not only can you integrate your ipb into a facbook app, but with minimal effort, nothing at all stops one from using a page in any ipb pages mod to display FB stuffs.......
just a matter of SSL now.
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You need to read the product pages at IPS. It has some of the things you suggest or can be added via hooks or IP Content created pages. As for the others, they look to be a pretty good reason for my site not to use PHPBB. The last thing that I want is for my site / forum to look like Facebook.


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