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User Groups in Register Form & Control Panel

Pete T

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User Groups in Register Form & Control Panel

File name: User Groups in Register Form & Control Panel
Submitter: Pete T
Submitted: 11/27/2011
Category: Utilities
Demo :
Discussion URL :
Supported Versions: 0
Support Info : support topic only

This hook will allow users to choose groups in register form during registration process OR in Control Panel after user creates/validate his account. Admin will set up which groups will be available in register screen/control panel and will also choose which groups will be protected, so users from those groups can't change their group.


If you use any kind of validation, users will be moved to selected group only after validate the account.

If any attempt of exploit (try to change the Group ID) is detected, new user will be moved to BANNED group.

It is designed to work ONLY in default IP.Board installation!



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Purchased today and works great! :)

Is there a way to make it so that members who are already part of the "members" group can change to a new, custom group? Right now, only new members can choose which group to join.

I'd like to install this on an old board and then have current members chose what region of the world they should join.

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I purchased it because I know I'll get use of it in one fashion or another. We need these kind of controls and choices for members.

Question, can it be set up so there is no choice at registration (go into the basic newbie group) then once registered, or after 5 or 10 posts switch by regular post accumulation to a group that now has access to switch around?

If I block at registration does that block even after registration?

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You can't do that 'cause the order is handle by group cache.

EDIT: If I change this from hook to APP I can manage groups position (ajax drag and drop) in an ACP Module.

Give me a day or two and I'll do it.

That will be awesome ready to pay 5$ for this additional option, cause it is really important )
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That isn't working. I get this error, unless I set to yes. Also alittle confused on the logical use. I would like a new user to go into a intro group for a few posts. If I only offer the intro forum at login then that's only choice anyone will have. Therefore I need to put all choices up for registration as well.

Am I missing something?

Fatal error: Call to undefined method membersMemberSync::onCreateAccount() in /home/domain/public_html/forums/hooks/enhancedRegisterForm_lib_85aaf856d6aa02a45bf5d708af048485.php on line 22

Yes, you can use only on Control Panel. The setting disable only the option on register page.

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no matter what group option a user signs up with it defaults to the same basic member group

IE try a test one here.


Any ideas?

I have a client whose site I upgraded who is stating the same thing about this hook. Feel free to PM me if you need to see this in action in order to diagnose.
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