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Download: Chinese Language Packs for other apps


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File Name: Chinese Language Packs for other apps
File Submitter: Green Tea
File Submitted: 26 Nov 2011
File Category: Language Packs

Chinese Traditional (繁體中文/正體中文/CHT) & Chinese Simplified (简体中文/CHS)

Charset UTF-8

Note 注意:

(1) The " ***.xml.gz " has only the front-end (public areas) of Chinese language.

(1) " ***.xml.gz " 只有中文的前台。

(2) The "files in cache directory" that contains the front-end (public areas) and AdminCP (admin areas) of Chinese language.

(2) 在 cache 目錄裡的檔案,包含前台及後台的中文。


The language packs has

Shoutbox 1.3.11 Paid
Classifieds 1.2.1
IP.SEO 1.5.2
IP.Tracker 2.1.0 Beta 3
Subscriptions Manager 1.2.0
If you want certain modules in Chinese language pack, please tell us, we will evaluate whether to do it. Then sell here.

here to download this file

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