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(M34) Random Logos


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File Name: (M34) Random Logos

File Submitter: Rugger

File Submitted: 26 Nov 2011

File Category: Look and Feel

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.2.x, IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Board 3.4.x

Description: Replace your dull one logo setup with a random logo, showing as many logos as you want randomly.

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here to download this file

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I had a (poorly written) random logo routine which I had to modify the header HTML to implement. I so much prefer using this it makes our rotating headers so much simpler. I have been trying for years to get away from custom coded enhancements and things like this make it so much better!

Thank you for putting this together.

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I didn't get a chance to update this to use a template bit, so you'll need to edit the source file to change this.

Open admin/applications_addon/other/rlogos/sources/rlogos.php

Near the end of the file, you'll see where it setups the <img src='' /> code. Add your center code there. Not at home, so I don't have access to the file right now but if you need the exact code, let me know.

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It seems that the random logos load insecurely when in an SSL environment. How can i fix it so that they will load using SSL when required ?

You've changed your board url value to https? Because this hook uses $this->settings['board_url'] so would use https when loading the logo url.

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No i have have not, my board is normally displayed in non ssl but i do have SSL installed and wanted to enable it on login pages as well as within Nexus.

But when SSL enabled on login pages i get insecure elements errors on the login pages due to the logos still loading from non ssl.

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My logos are 480x150, but this auto shrinks them. Where can I change this so it doesn't (IBP 3.4)?


I found:

	// Process Image
	public function process_image($r="",$half) 
		# Make Example Smaller
		if($half == '1')
			$r['width']  = "480";
			$r['height'] = "150";				

However, changing the va;lues doesn't change the size of the logos.

EDIT 2: Never mind. I simply changed '1' to '0' and that fixed it.

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