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Since IPB 3.3 was announced will there be no new addon versions as well?


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I just got a simple question, since in IPS Blog they have announced IPB 3.3 and said that "The next version of IP.Board will be 3.3.0." meaning there will be no IP.Board 3.2.4.

I'd like to ask does it also go for all the addons like Nexus, Downloads, Blog and Gallery? Will there be no new versions of those aswell?

Except for if any major security or if other big bugs are found.

How is it?

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I really hope 3.3 is secure, my forum has been defaced over 16 times this last 3 months by the same team and each time I have restarted and used a clean install of IPB 3.2.3 And moved host and yet still get shells uploaded within a latter of minutes.

I agree with Charles above. If there was a security issue with the latest version of Ipb we would have heard by now.

On a side note, what other third party mods/applications and/or scripts are you running in your server?
You can also start a ticket at your Client Center so the Ipb staff can have a look into this for you.
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