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It does allow for filtering, click the Custom button and you get options to show only certain types of topics and/or a certain date range.

I'll be damned. It sure does. Well then, what about IP.Content. Why doesn't IP.Content use the same type of functionality as IPB? Whoever reads this might be thinking that I'm just trying to be nit picky but seriously...why does IPS continue to make things difficult for customers by not using the same type of filter bars? It's, quite frankly, driving me bananas trying to figure out why the IPS applications don't all work together. Here's a great example:

IP.Content (IPS Application) - uses "ipsFilterbar maintitle" but with an Unordered List format. It's missing the entire:

<span class="right">

<input id="tmod_all" class="input_check" type="checkbox" value="1" title="Select all topics on this page">


WTH is up with that? I can guarantee that members with large databases in IPC would LOVE to know why they can't filter their database content. They can only sort it.

IP.Board (IPS Application) - uses "ipsFilterbar maintitle" and has the input ID to allow for genuine filtering.

I don't understand, at all, why devs would do something like this...I just don't. They're both IPS apps.

Am I not understanding something here because it just doesn't make any sense to me at all.

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