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Calendar, forthcoming features


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I am interested in knowing, (either here or via PM) what the roadmap is for adding calendar features is.

Specifically (but not limited to) things like:

- google map integration
- adding guests when RSVPing
- custom topic fields

I am about to shop around and get some hooks custom coded and would like to know if anything that I might be looking for is already on the horizon.


PS: Don't go all vague on me with replies, you can always PM me ;)

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1) We have neither confirmed nor denied if any of those features will be added. I'm afraid we're not ready to reveal what will be in future versions of Calendar at this time.

2) We don't release complete road maps - we blog about upcoming changes in our blog, so your best bet is to subscribe to our blog to be notified of features coming in future updates for all of our products.

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