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The "My Content" page is neigh useless


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Here's a screenshot of my content on a forum I use that is powered by IPBoard:


I've sanitized it, but the relevant information is still visible.

It's not sorted in any fashion that I can determine. It's not when I posted in them, it's not when they were started, it's not most recently posted in, it's not thread title, forum title, last poster's name, thread starter's name....

If I post in a thread I've never posted in before, it shows up at the bottom of the list (except, curiously, above a single thread that I made one post in months ago) and occasionally doesn't show up at all (I even set it to show only my started threads once, and it showed four results.....everything except my most recently started thread).

Some threads appear more than once (can't point to an instance in this screenshot; kind of rare and not usually on the same page).

What the hell, seriously.

I've been using the page to keep track of threads I've posted in to see when there are new posts, but it's only "mildly" useful, as I can't be sure that I'm missing some content (and that it doesn't put all of the most active threads in the same place)...

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What version are you using? I fixed a lot of sorting issues with 3.2.3.


I have no idea. How do I figure that out (seeing as I am not an admin/moderator, just a user)?

Not that it'd matter, I don't think the People In Charge give a rat's ass about it.

Glad to hear it got fixed, though.
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It seems fine to me here in 3.2.3, so I'm not sure your points are really relevant.


His points are relevant, actually. Valid because there is, in fact, a sorting issue with versions prior to 3.2.3. I do believe he's using an outdated version, as Matt pointed out.

I have no idea. How do I figure that out (seeing as I am not an admin/moderator, just a user)?

Ask one of the admins; they'll know. Will you please let us know? I'm willing to bet they're using pre IP.Board 3.2.3. :wink:
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