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Add HTML/Editor for Categories/Description setup.


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I tried adding html to my categories, and descriptions, and i ended up with a funkey seo
url which did not look right, so I contact support, and they tell me that it has something
do with SEO urls as this will not work properly, and I could do this if i hack my db...

I do not want to have to hack my db in order to enhance my forum, as I would just
have to repeat the process whenever I get ready for the next upgrade, then
I would have to start all over again, so this really makes no sense.

I suggest that you add enhacement features so we can enhance
forum categories/descriptions without running into SEO URLS issues.

Whats the point of just having dull/simple looking categories and descriptions?

or if someone has a better idea, then let me know, but the last thing anyone wants
to do is hack up their database just to have it revert on another upgrade.

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