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it depends on the cores...
check this: http://blog.scoutapp.com/articles/2009/07/31/understanding-load-averages

Also, just think on 1.00 as the 100% usage of a core... on a single CPU you have no more room, but in a two core system that would be like a 50% usage

it goes on more than that, but i think that you can get a basic idea with this info :)

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If this is a vps or dedicated server, run this from shell

cat /proc/cpuinfo

this will give you your cpu information.

If this is shared hosting... don't bother worrying about it... go by your performance of the site... if it's good, you're good... if it's poor, talk to your host about it.

A 100% load could be anywhere between 1 and 24 typically. normally a good load rating will be at less than 50% on average, leaving room for spikes for backups, peaks in traffic, etc...

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WOW, thats very good i think!

I just optimised my tables, I had to do the ibf_posts via ssh because of the size..

Just checked and this is the load at the minute on IPB ACP,
  • 0.68 Server Load
  • 2528 Online Users

oh well, not sure why it lags at times then as sometimes the amount of users doesn't increase past stated above..
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