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Unable to view customer board


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I'm unable to view the customer board. I did renew my license.

It was very strange, because I tried to request my password, and the forums said that it couldn't find my email address. When I tried creating an account here, however, it said my email was already in the system.

I do have a valid license. I haven't had to use these boards before, if I recall. Is there somewhere I can plug my license key into to be able to use the customer boards?

My license is under Nathanial Benton.

I tried using the forgotten password link, and it says my email isn't in the system. Yet when I register, it won't let me because it IS in the system. What gives?

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Yes, I mean the customer lounge.

I just want to also note, I had to use facebook to sign up, since my email is "in the system" to say, when I try to register, but not when I tried to request my password. Kinda strange, huh?

Is there something I'm supposed to do, or what?

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When I try to, I get invalid login data. I'm even already logged into the customer area. I tried logging out of the customer area just to be sure, and logging in again as well. No go. Password request, it's not in the system. Try to register with it, it is in the system.

I went ahead and opened a support ticket. I don't know what else I could possibly do.

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