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It would be useful to assign moderators to specific threads, especially for boards with IP.Downloads integrated, but for forums that have threads dedicated to or managed by a specific member, as well.

Perhaps an option for forums to have the thread starter be the moderator of that thread?

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That hook does not make it possible for threads to be auto-moderated by the OP.

Isn't there already a setting for this in the ACP when setting up how threads should be started, etc? For example, allowing OP's to delete/close their own threads? I'm not sure of this, which is why it's a question.
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Still not seeing how hooks are relevant to this thread. :smile:

You're lucky Lindy said I have to be nice to you.

>You asked for thread moderators
>Someone gave you a hook for thread moderators
>You said that hook doesn't work for you
>I said that the hook could be modified or another hook could be made so that it does work for you
>For some reason you have no idea why talking about a hook that does exactly what you're asking for is relevant to what you're asking for
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