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Support/Shipping on front end

Pete T

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File Name: Support/Shipping on front end

File Submitter: Pete T

File Submitted: 10 Nov 2011

File Category: Commerce

Supported Versions: IP.Nexus 1.5.x

Make outstanding Nexus Support and Shipping visible on the front end for users entitled to see them. Honours security and ACP link settings.

To install upload the images to your skin images direct (may or may not already be there) then go to your ACP >> Hooks >> Install Hook and select the XML file that has the hook and away you go.

In order to download your IP.Nexus must also be current.

There are no configuration options!

here to download this file

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Everything should be fine, but I will check our current Nexus status

If you have an active support contract for IP.Nexus, try to download another file. If you can then please open a ticket to accounts assistance.

My initial feeling is you are unable to download files as you're an alternative contact (I'm just basing that on your group but I cannot be sure, I'm not staff) :smile: , as far as I'm aware alt contacts cannot download files. This might be different for business licences but I'm not sure.

One quick easy thing to try is to logout and back in again here, this will resync your permissions which can rectify some of these issues. Try that first :smile:
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logged out/in downloaded as a test and it was fine, still getting no permission error, unless IP Nexus downloads look for Nexus current licence (not checked if ours has expired yet)

Just tried another file, Cannot DL from the Ip Nexus section of the Marketplace, I suspect our licence may have expired, Ill check and report back

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[color=#777777][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3]Expires[/size][/font][/color]

02 Nov 2011

I will go and renew now, no doubt it will clear the error as the Market place looks for valid licence as you correctly pointed out :smile:

edit: working fine, licence renewed and file downloaded

sorry to clutter up this topic, feel free to delete my replies :)

cheers Andy,

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