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I notice that every other part of ibp has the upload option for the avatar and or post uploads and so on but in order to use a signature you have to link the image then copy the url code or the bbc code and then past it then all that other stuff just to get one simple image to display under ur posts.

on my forums not all of the members can quite understand this and they are used to having the ability to just simply upload their signatures as some use VB bulletin and they can simply upload their sig from the computer and other software companies

i don't mind the linking of the sigs my self but when my staff get neumorous pms a day asking i cant get my signature to link and how do i despite the several posts on how to add it

i would really really like to see an addition for the option to upload a signature it would greatly decrease the over whelming hastle of my staff loading the signatures for members and allow them to do their main jobs on my community

please please add the upload option for signatures it will be a blessing in the end trust me as I said the upload option is used for everything else please add it for signatures

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