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Dan just walk away?
its not a product these people can get support from tickets on and they know it.
place is looking graveyard-ish...
that is simply not good.
for being a product on the IPS homepage.......... and being an SEO tool.....
this is just not good
I do not know the answers to these questions... i simply do not, or i would be answering them.
Matt wants to improve on SEO, besides the cleaning of the core..
no tool is worth anything if the user does not know how to use it.... give them some measure of real support.
that being a graveyard.....shucks... IPContent has more pinned how-to's.
I am not saying i know the fix.... I am saying this highly neglected support forum, when they know they cant get ticket support.... is really really bad, for IPS as well.
in fact.... worse for IPS than anyone else.
others can change scripts, and do in a heartbeat for decent SEO tools
I Dont even care if it becomes paid TBH... at least paid gets real support.... this graveyard has to be helped pronto
I love the script and its power/moddability
but that's a huge turnoff to people after buying
when its advertised as fully supported official.... but its not.... forum is a graveyard, and we all know its not ticket able as an "Extra".
ignore it, and this pretty kingdom will fall down.

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I agree. Why even say it's an IP extra if it's not even supported? I've spent all day today trying to get it to properly configured. Shouldn't this type of thing be built into the forum software, and not an "extra"? I hope IPS rethinks the future of IP SEO, and builds this into the forum software.

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Arrrrg.. Arrrrrg,,,, I held my breath in protest of support for IPSEO, I almost passed out... Thought I'd protest through starvation but jeeeez... that only lasted about 2 hours, I suck at protesting, don't make me strain my brain to think of another ulterior protesting position to take IPB.

Signing off on this thread temporarily,
Middle aged man growing older and balder waiting for that IPSEO forum support to happen

PS - You're a good man Marcher

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for the past 6 months I've never thought of IP.SEO once. OMG. Probably because I run 3.1.4 forum and somehow it runs well there.

But please, IP.SEO is one of few no-no's which stop me from moving to 3.2.x series.

Please, IPS, inCOREporate this addon, of make it work for real sometime soon. This is way more important than a shoutbox or a links directory (at least for me).

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If you are running into a bug or issue with IP.SEO, you can submit a ticket. We do not provide support on "SEO", but we will provide technical support for the software itself.

That said, we have some plans for IP.SEO we hope to be able to share more information about soon.

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