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Limit attendees in a RSVP Event

Adriano Faria

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This is a good start. I can't believe this is not a default option in IP.Calendar. Hope to see more IP.Calendar mods from you (and others).

Although this is useful, I will hold off purchasing it as it only offers a single feature which is not enough for me to justify paying and installing it. If you could bundle it with some extra IP.Calendar functionality it would be more attractive for me to buy (even at an increased price). Hopefully others would feel the same way to justify you spending more time on this.

Would you be interested in adding extra functionality so that a event can have 20 RSVP 'spots' but those spots can be broken up into named groups (chosen by Event creator).

Basically, we can make a normal Event and limit the attendees, or "Add" extra RSVP options and be able to give them descriptive names ourselves.

RSVP Option 1: (VIP Seating): 10 spots (10 remaining)
RSVP Option 2: (Normal Seating): 40 spots (38 remaining)
(add RSVP Option button)

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