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Any update on fixing two main CKEditor bugs?


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1. Right click inside empty CKEditor box brings up web page context menu instead of text box context menu.

2. On some occasions when editing a post, edit box shows unformatted with all BBBCode brackets, no toolbars are present, "Use Full Editor" button doesn't work (nothing happens when clicked on) and clicking on "Save changes" button doesn't refresh the page.
In fact any manual changes are saved but the page doesn't refresh:

Note 1. On some occasion clearing browser cache will correct the issue.
Note 2. On some occasions after numerous tries edit box will load with text correctly formatted.
Note 3. It almost looks like it's some timing problem as it seems to happen mostly while editing larger posts. Like there is is not enough time for the changes to take place.

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I just created new report there.

I posted in this forum in hope for some feedback since these two issues has been present since introducing CKEditor and there is no word if anything has been done in order to fix those problems.
It's been a long time and the problems are rather seriously annoying.

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As I mentioned in the bug report, you should submit a ticket regarding #2. The editor failing to load completely is not a reproducible bug, so there is something specific causing that to happen, and as such we will need to troubleshoot it where it's happening and with other site-specific details.

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