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Where did 'Disable Quick Reply' go?


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Hi Guys,
I've just had our board upgraded to v3.2.3 and I noticed that the disable quick reply option is gone(!)
I notified Invision Support about this and got the following response...

Hello, this isn't a feature of the software on the current version, the only way you could achieve this would be to have a custom skin made with the features how you want them displayed.

While this feature going missing may not be a big deal for some, for our board this is an issue.
We previously switched off the quick reply (to switch on the full reply editor) so our users can quickly add attachments whenever they reply, directly from within the thread using the full editor.
In the new upgraded 3.2.3 members now have to find the [More Reply Options] button to get to the full editor and add their attachements.
Its an uneccessary step, and it confuses our users who are used to being able to just find the 'attach a file' button with the full reply editor at the bottom of the thread.

Our board is used for training artists, who upload images, so they pretty much attach an image on every post they make.

So my question is...
* does anyone know how I could either add the 'add attachments' button to the 'quick reply' editor
or alternatively...
* disable quick reply and just have full editor be the default (including the attachments button) as I had before?

Many thanks,
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oh... and of course I feel that Invision developers should give us a bit more flexibility with the quick reply/ full reply editor options.
I'm not sure why that option would be taken away.. not without giving us a more flexible alternative.
Attaching files is something that I'm sure would be one of the more common things to do on many forums.
There should maybe be an upload button on the quick reply icon bar for it instead.
When I saw the 'my media' button on there I clicked it expecting there to be an uploader available in the box...but didnt find one. :(

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The vast majority of posts on a typical message board do not include attachments, and we wanted to keep the "quick" reply...quick. Thus, it's scaled back from the full posting page.

You can modify your skin to remove the quick reply box if you do not wish to show it.

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I actually would like to see the upload function in the quick reply..

I always get the same question about how to upload an image.. bla bla bla--- more reply options -- bla bla bla.. and yes i made an upload image topic..
but still members are lazy and I would love to assist them by having an upload function in the quick reply box :)


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