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Suggestion: Detail view in "My Media"


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I absolutely love the idea behind the "My Media" button when posting, but I've one major point of frustration with it...

If your (image file, event, etc) titles are longer than 13 characters, it gets truncated, which really sucks if you have multiple versions of the same thing (like have HD and iPod versions of a video in downloads), examples below.

post-35543-0-10354600-1319964009_thumb.p post-35543-0-75323900-1319964010_thumb.p
post-35543-0-17566400-1319964012_thumb.p post-35543-0-78948800-1319964013_thumb.p

We use a lot of naming conventions too, like if we add 100 images from a particular event, the file names might look like:


With the current arrangement, I can't see the "008" part and have to try to find the right photo out of dozens using a little thumbnail, useless again if you have different versions of the same file.

My request:

Make both thumbnail and detail views available, or change the arrangement so the full file names are visible somehow.

post-35543-0-34031300-1319964290_thumb.p post-35543-0-51196400-1319964291_thumb.p

Please, please, please. :)

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